About Tommy Naples Music

Tommy Naples Music is a record label formed from the vision of one man.

A musician all his life, Thomas Smead played and worked in the music industry for over 30 years. During that time he saw a need for a more artist-friendly record label, one that would help develop emerging artists more as partners and friends.

The music business today is a whole new ball game and it needs a whole new type of record label to be successful.

Promotion, distribution, advertising, live performance, booking and management all will play a role in modern musical success, along with a vastly increased internet presence.

If you are ready to step up to the next level, but need help to do so, contact Tommy Naples Music.

Just like the Major Labels, Tommy Naples Music has its own state of the art recording facility, which enables owner and artists to work on albums and projects as needed, with no time constraints. The recording label also includes a small but highly trained and motivated staff to handle all aspects of the business in an experienced and professional manner.

Tommy Naples Music offers a full range of music and video production services for independent recording artists, including recording, engineering, arranging and mixing. In addition to music and video production and recording services, we also provide full scale representation for our artists. These services include general career guidance and consulting, as well as booking, license fee collection, advertising, promotion, merchandising and tour and live concert support. Tommy Naples Music also offers this website which features artist music and other related media, allowing for new audiences to discover emerging Tommy Naples artists.